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The Top Tanning Beds for 2014

As a broker and dealer of used and refurbished tanning beds for the past 15+ year, I can give you an honest opinion about all commercial and home indoor tanning equipment available in 2014.  My name is Rick Houston and you can read more about me and my company here.  If you have discovered this website then you are most likely researching the most appropriate UV tanning device for you so I have written tanning bed reviews of all the majorergoline excellence 800 manufacturers.  I also provide reviews of sunless tanning booths, personal saunas and water massage beds as a service for my customers.  My goal is to educate first and then discover and explain the best solution and the most appropriate equipment for your home, salon or business.  Each person has a different set of goals when looking for a new or used tanning bed to buy.  A residential or home tanning bed buyer usually wants a style which plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and this fact limits their choices to 24 lamps or less because of the current requirement of adding more lamps.  You should expect to spend about $2,000 on a new home tanning bed and I recommend buying one that is all-steel with a life-time warranty like the Del Sol model shown here.  Once you are ready to install a 220 volt line (~$250) somewhere in your house, then you are ready to commit to a commercial tanning bed and your choices grow exponentially.   Tanning salon equipment consists of lay down models with 32 to 46 lamps and stand up booths with 42 to 60 lamps and may cost from $3,000 to $30,000 for one unit.  So what are the top models to look for?  Should you buy used or refurbished?  I will try to answer those questions and more on this website then lead you to other domains for more information when requested.  Please begin exploring with our tanning bed reviews here.