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An Introduction to American Quality MFG

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American Quality Manufacturing is a all-steel manufacturer in Central Florida who owns a sheet metal job shop and powder coating job shop.  They produce an array of products such as pet waste systems and toning tables.  Pictured above is a comparison chart of the all the indoor tanning equipment they manufacture from the ground up at their facilities in Brevard County.  Please click on this chart for an enlarged view then hold the Ctrl key and + key to zoom in.  American Quality produces two lines of equipment:  an affordable line called Tropical Rayz, made completely of powdered-coated steel, even the skins.  These beds will last a life-time and never fade but sacrifices European styling like the Royal Sun line you see pictured below and in the comparison chart above.  The Royal Sun line utilizes curved plastic canopies with neon back-lighting, 200 watt lamps, electronic ballasts, and more.

AMQ produces a premium line of indoor tanning equipment called Royal Sun.  Formerly a Canadian company and now being produced at theirphoto of the Royal Sun Turbo model in white and gold facilities in Cocoa, Florida, the Royal Sun features sports-car like lines, neon back-lighting, and a mech-warrior looking high pressure bed called the UV Scan 360.   The Royal Sun line is a firm competitor for the more-expensive Sun Ergoline brand and utilizes the same tanning lamps as the Ergoline brand.  Consider Royal Sun a direct replacement for Ergoline beds at a much better price.  Additionally, you can only get parts, supplies and support from overseas in the future with Ergoline, which means the parts will become more rare and expensive in the years to come.  AMQ, makers of the Royal Sun line, has one of the best parts, repair, and service departments in the industry.  Call 321-432-3000 with more questions or concerns or contact the manufacturer directly for their latest catalog at 800-760-6017.

Found below are direct links to each of the indoor tanning salon industry models produced by American Quality MFG in the past 20 years.  Click on each model name for a review and to order parts such as lamps, acrylics, and shocks:


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