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America's Best Tanning Beds Reviewed for 2014

by Rick Houston

The question most asked on a daily basis is "what are the best tanning beds to buy today"?  My answer is getting easier and shorter as there are only a handful of new equipment manufacturers remaining, like American Quality in Florida photo of a high pressure tanning bed called the UV Scan 360and Heartland Tanning in Missouri, to name a couple.  The recent downturn in the economy and constantly changing indoor tanning regulations prompted industry giants ETS Tans of Indiana, and Sun Ergoline of Arkansas to cut back or cancel production of many models being produced in the USA.   The indoor tanning salon industry has also gone through a consolidation period in many small towns, with voids to be filled in 2014 with new management and equipment.  I receive calls each week from a husband who drove his wife 20 minutes to the next town and waited an hour for her favorite bed.  Now they are opening their own tanning salon and have many questions about the quality of new salon equipment produced in America today and whether used or refurbished equipment is the way to go and who you can trust to buy from.  This website is intended to help you sort through all the indoor tanning salon equipment options you have available today.  I have owned my own salon in the past and have bought or sold nearly all of the models listed below over the years, so I will give you my honest opinion in my reviews found below.  I am not employed by any of these manufacturers but seek to earn a commission when you buy replacement lamps and bulbs or a referral fee from a repair technician.  Please click on a graphic below or any underlined link for more information and please contact the respective manufacturer for more information on their newest models. 

American Quality

Sun Ergoline

ETS Tans


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AMQ is a Florida based custom manufacturer who produces life-time guarantee, mostly steel equipment. Now offers premium line along with the following brand names:

Sun Ergoline is the world's largest sunbed mfg who recently closed offices and production facilities in Arkansas but will continue to sell and support through US distributers.  Makes these models.

ETS Tans was an Indiana based company who recently closed production facilities.  Produced high quality equipment for 20 years. Good value in refurbished models.  Look for these brands:


Heartland/Tan America is a Missouri based indoor tanning equipment manufacturer who produces the following high-quality, stylish models with full tech support:

  • X2 Solarix
  • X2 Sky
  • X2 Vertical
  • 7400
  • 6400
  • 5400
  • 3400 and 3400/3
  • Pacifica
  • Santa Barbara
  • Believe and Believe V
  • Sundazzer 160, 220
  • Tribute
  • Pura Spa and Pura Sunless


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